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Long-Term Solar Benefits


The shift towards sustainability may have more benefits than you think. 

The grid is over 100 years old and is becoming more and more vulnerable to blackouts from centralized power's inadequate response time and inability to handle the ever changing demands of our technologies. Roof top solar is challenging this problem and with the inclusion of energy storage we will  be able to create a grid invulnerable to  black outs, power conservation "Brown outs" or any type of attack on our electrical grid.

Dependability -  Point of use technologies such as roof top solar make micro grids possible, SunPower is an example of a technology company that is central focused on building the most efficient and durable solar panels in the world. These panels have been time tested in the field, built deal with harsh climate and temperatures. modular design upgrades will be a simple swap.

Clean is cheap - Solar is now the cheapest for of energy beating coal and natural gas. San Diego residence are paying 40-60% less for the same energy use.

Freedom - The American dream is to own a home and raise a family. Becoming a home owner is a liberating feeling however many families are held hostage by their utility costs. What is the point of owning a home if you can enjoy it? Well with Solar you a finally able to pay a flat rate for the power that you want to use, thus allowing you to enjoy the AC when its hot and heater when its cold. No more yelling at kids for leaving the lights on!

Reducing fossil fuels - We all have driven combustion cars and have been accustomed to them as a part of our life. That includes all the pollution, maintenance, and we been told that electric cars would never be practical. Well maybe not for everyone, however unless you've been in a cave you have noticed that adoption rate of electric vehicles have been much faster than anticipated. Now add in the low cost of electricity with Solar and you have a real game changer. Now if they could only build a car that was as good as their combustion rivals!  If you want to learn more subscribe to our page and we will share that most current info in the electrification of the U.S

Added Value to your home -  When the market levels off homeowners looking to sell want to set them selves apart. Having low cost utilities is not only attractive now but if we look 10 years ahead when electricity cost keep rising and your's is not. Rate increases over 11% annually have been the norm and there is no reason to think cost have a chance to go down.

Independence -  We hear it all the time, can we cut ties from the grid? Well we don't think that is best idea what we will be able to do should be better. THis will be a three way system where the grid is the back up system so no matter if grid fails or your system is being repaired, there is no disruption to your service. This will be explained in Battery systems on product page.

Solar Installers You Can Trust


We are a true referral business, we believe this creates an honest relationship between us and our customers.  At BURTEK our sales and operations departments work as a team not adversaries. Everyone understands our success is measured on every interaction and every bolt. We are built to over-deliver.

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We don't believe in taking a day off or cutting corners, we would rather walk away from a project than compromise our integrity and reputation. We will always do things the right way and by the book, we can't help it its in our DNA. 

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission. Our mission is to ensure all kids in San Diego get a proper meal. It is hard to believe there are thousands of kids not getting enough to eat or exposure healthy choices. Children should be focused on learning and playing not when they are going to get to eat. 

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