Green Earth

As we all know there are many  things that need to happen NOW for us to get to net zero emissions by midcentury. We need to expand what we know works…and is affordable. Wind, solar, electric vehicles to get to net zero.

These ‘Big Three’ have improved dramatically over the past 10 years. Both solar and batteries for EVs are almost 90% less expensive and wind power is about 50% cheaper now. And while solar and wind are not available at all times, a combination of technologies enables reliable power with high amounts of renewables. Batteries and other storage systems; combining diverse renewables; programs to reduce energy consumption during peak hours; improved forecasting; and some limited backup power make up these energy smart systems. 

As the electric grid becomes increasingly ‘clean’ coupled with the falling costs, the growing adoption of EVs is creating a clean transportation sector as well.

Digitization of our systems is helping to transform and improve power usage, making power grids smart and reducing energy consumption and waste.

At BURTEK ADVANCED ENERGY SYSTEMS, we are doing our part to help the U.S. and the world reach energy goals. See how you can reduce your energy costs and help save the planet. Click Here to get your FREE QUOTE.

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