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At Burtek we are constantly looking for new products and services for our customers.  Most have been strictly vetted out to ensure we will put our name on it. We also let you know of some more risky new technology. We always will share the non bias pros and cons for each product we review.

The Advocate


Preparing for the future is not just technology its mindset and business practices to make relationships for both.

We would rather invest in ourselves and our customers than in catchy marketing campaigns. This also ensures we are doing our very best and not cutting corners to make a profit! Our customers are the best judge of our work and will not promote us unless our work is top notch! Talk to your consultant about the Advocacy program and its rewards.

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We often forget to mention when we have a good experience partially because it's expected. We agree with that line of reasoning however do appreciate the customers that go out of their way to show appreciation.

We thank you

Current Promotions


Any qualifying Roof, Solar or AC system and you will get the NEST advanced thermostat installed for no additional charge. This little amazing thermostat helps you save energy and control your HVAC from your smartphone. Also Alexa and Google home compa

Green Tech News


WHat is TOU? Time of use is the new rate plan mandated by SDG&E as of April 18th 2019. If you did not select one then SDG&E will do so for you! Ask your consultant how this directly impacts you and if batteries can help.

Local Business spotlight


  Not often do we highlight banks for their contributions to the community. Homestreet is the acception to the rule, come by as meet Chuck and his staff! It is refreshing to receive the customer service that has since been long been dismissed by the big banks. Homestreet provides a sense of community, They also have incredible rates! Please reach out to Chuck if your tired of your bank or just looking to add an account. Tell him the Burtek sent you.

Chuck Cadwalader II

Vice President – Branch Manager – NMLS#613710

Email: chuck.cadwalader@homestreet.com

6515 Mission Gorge Road, Suite 6515

San Diego, CA. 92120

Office: 619.400.0402 | Cell: 619.972.0873 | eFax: 619.356.2118